The majority of people show to the world what they want them to see and this is “not” their real self.  How often have you thought “what a likeable person”, to shortly discover they are not so likeable as an immense amount of emotional baggage (and possibly bad behaviour) has suddenly just surfaced.

What happened here is the ego´s ability to show the world what we are comfortable showing and hiding some of our true feelings failed, and our true feelings emerged.   That which we so wanted to hide has become evident to all.

To further complicate matters, the majority of people do not like themselves and therefore only want to project what they like about themselves.  The complexity and contradictions of modern day life mean we are often hiding more than we would like to and this often causes profound frustration as we are unable to fully express ourselves and perhaps not be able to show the beauty, love and compassion we have inside.

“What you see is what you get.” – I like a few cents for every time I have heard that in my life, but what they should have said is “What I am going to project is what you are going to get”.

Part of the modern day man´s problems is about fragmentation, and this example shows a typical scenario.  What we need is integration – bringing all aspects of ourselves in harmony.


One problem with the mind and emotions is that we cannot often “think” ourselves to clarity or stability because those impressions we have gained in the mind are alive and dominant.  So, the key is to be able to go beyond those thoughts, and we do this successfully by using FISU meditation techniques.  Our techniques allow you to transcend beyond the conscious and subconscious levels of the mind and descend into the upper regions of the super-conscious self.  This is the higher-self within, our essence.  Here, the energies are subtler and therefore, more powerful.  We begin drawing these energies into the patterned areas of the mind that are the storehouse of thought and emotion, and because these energies are of a subtler nature, they refine and rebalance and bring integration.

Without much effort, we become the observer of our thoughts, and in doing so, they begin to lose their hold over us.


 Through integration, we are super calm, and the mirror of the mind is showing us who we are and with greater clarity. Combined with the strength drawn from the deeper regions of the mind, as this is where strength resides within us, we can face ourselves, and in doing so, we know ourselves better.  All aspects of our self have become unified – integrated.  We are operating in oneness and not with a divided personality.  The ego is in check and is now purely the vehicle through which your higher or spiritual self expresses itself.


Now you are unified in a way you never thought possible.  You are stronger, you know your mind more intimately, and of course, you now know yourself.  You can now show all that beauty and love you have within with greater confidence and ease.