When young males are told to “man up” and not cry thus suppressing emotion, it’s unhealthy.
Many men suffer from emotional suppression which can manifest itself in harmful ways such as violent behaviour, low self-esteem, agitation, depression and even suicide.

Often, adult men have relationship problems because when they were younger, emotions were deliberately suppressed due to peer and societal pressure. Most women would want their man to be more expressive and show more emotion – and why not!


Suppressed emotions are just emotions that we choose not to acknowledge therefore we fail to act on them or express them in a healthy way.
One important point to be aware of is that emotions can never be completely suppressed and will seek expression in some form, so it makes no sense trying to bury them.

Showing our emotions is not weakness – it’s the opposite. Gender rules dictated by our society are not always correct, and certainly not on this subject.


Crying as a man or young male adult is healthy and shows that we have deep feelings that occasionally well to the surface. It is not unmanly to cry, and if it allows us an emotional release, then it would be right to do so.
Our emotions allow us to express our feelings and communicate better. If our ability to do this is inhibited, we will, of course, feel frustrated.

Meditation allows us to have full emotional expression and through practising, all suppressions and blockages are slowly removed. We then have that wonderful feeling that nothing is stopping us from being ourselves, and life is more fulfilling.
The freedom of expression is a powerful thing. It’s easy to master – let me show you how…