Depression and anxiety go hand in hand. Many people do not distinguish between anxiety and depression as one accentuates the other, yet they are two different emotional states.

How meditation helps depression, is that it firstly reduces the anxiety by helping repolarise the negativity that anxiety produces. Once anxiety and depression have a disconnection or separation however minor, an amazing thing happens, there is greater objective self-awareness of ourselves. By not being dominated by the negativity from anxiety, and being much calmer, we have a greater degree of self-awareness.


Depression draws us down, depressing our self-esteem and can be triggered for so many different reasons. The tension caused by anxiety intensifies and expands a problem or disappointment often out of proportion. Meditation also gives you greater inner strength so you can face yourself with ease and begin to make the necessary adjustments and corrections to your life.

Our thoughts can become so heavy, and our mind works overtime as its nature is to find a resolution. Emotions also colour our thoughts and consequently, mood swings prevail!

This separation that comes between these two through meditation is a definite path to recovery. In FISU Meditation, we’ve had great success in helping those with depression find that objectivity, self-awareness and inner strength to build a new life.

It’s easy – let me show you how…