Mineral, Plant and Animal to the Human Kingdom

Through the process of evolution whereby our thoughts and actions have moulded our individuality (neuroplasticity), we remain individuals of our volition. Therefore, we must be treated on an individual basis when it comes to Meditation and Spiritual Unfoldment.

FISU Meditation does just this and remains the most unique system in the world for spiritual unfoldment using meditation as the tool.

A mantra is prescribed that reflects our entirety from the subtle vibration of our three aspects – body, mind and spirit to use in meditation, which because of the clouds of the mind, we are unable to perceive for ourselves.

As part of our evolution, we have evolved through the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms to arrive in the human kingdom. Our journey now through the stages of the human kingdom from human animal to God-Man is expedited by meditating.

It’s easy – let me show you how…