At FISU Meditation we have had excellent success in helping those with insomnia return to a regular sleep pattern and often quicker than expected.
As we all know, unresolved anxiety causes stress that elevates our attention and autonomic nervous system to keep us in the sympathetic state where our senses are heightened in case we need to “fight or flight.” This directly affects our sleep and the ability to switch off. Rest is so vital to balanced and integrated physical and mental health, so when we do not sleep well, it has both a physical and psychological consequence, directly weakening our mental health.

Meditation soothes away anxiety and allows us to uncover an inner strength that resides in the deeper recesses of the mind. The deep relaxation helps us worry less and be more self-aware and objective to our challenges. We become calmer and less anxious, and this has a direct effect on our sleep, enriching it.

If you haven’t tried meditation to combat your insomnia, I can guarantee it will work. We have had people return to a normal night’s sleep within a week, but most take between 1-3 months.

It’s easy – let me show you how….