When we become distant from our partner, this is because we have lost intimacy and I am not talking about sex. We know we still love them, but perhaps we do not find them physically or mentally so attractive anymore.

Intimacy should not start in the bedroom but in daily life, where we take care of each other and in doing so become closer. We further build that unity by, pleasing each other, being attentive, being kind, compassionate and caring, compromising where necessary and appropriate. We have a deeper level of communication which by itself if more satisfying.


And, when we reach the bedroom, that intimacy is intensified through love-making where we expend all that aforementioned effort and find a level of mergence and oneness with our partner.

A couple that meditates together finds intimacy with greater ease as stress levels are reduced and communication is naturally heightened as we are able to express ourselves more successfully.

An intimate relationship is going to make us content and happy – communication is the key – it’s so worth the effort.