As you will well remember for those that know me, I was for many, many years one of those typical semi-meditators – always absolutely loving the Togatherings (Deepening Retreats) where I managed to renew myself spiritually every time and for a few weeks afterwards made a great effort to TRY and do two meditations a day. inevitably slipping back to one a day (if that ) because my day was just so busy at certain times of the year etc.

And I TRULY believed it was impossible to fit in two 25/30-minute sessions a day. I was too tired in the evenings; summer was a work nightmare for my business; there were too many distractions from daily life and so on. Just excuses as Jasmini always told me.

Anyway, since about 12 months ago I have FINALLY managed to make myself a routine and stick to it – and become a regular meditator twice a day. And the results have been spectacular – I can’t tell you the transformation in my everyday existence since then. At the ripe old age of 60 I have a new energy source that makes me feel 10-15 years younger on most days – everything in the world has more clarity, and my decision-making is much better, and discrimination becomes so much easier.

As regards personal relationships, I am far less angry and frustrated by people, seeing the good in almost everyone and deepening my feelings for a lot of people I hold dear.

Summing up in a nutshell, as the song goes, ” love is all around ” and it is an amazing transformation. I recommended this to everyone!

I would be lying if I said it was easy – it’s taken me ten years almost to see the light finally – and even now some days it is tough – but it gets easier and easier as you see the huge benefits in your life.

And others also tell you they see the transformation too! (Not me in this pic by the way but another meditator)

FISU Spain Meditator – Alex Sims