Life can seem so turbulent as if we are riding waves. Beyond the surface of an ocean or any mass of choppy water, there is calm.  We are identical, where there can be turbulence on the surface of the mind (in our head) but great stillness deeper down within, but we need to be able to access it.

Through meditation, as we dive beyond the conscious and subconscious levels of the mind, we experience infinite calm, clarity and quiet.

Many people are amazed that using our meditation techniques, they descend so quickly and easily into the depths of themselves.

Our emotions control the level of activity or the whirling of thoughts that we experience in the mind, so if these are quietened, we will feel more at peace quickly.


With practice, and because of the refining process of our unique individually prescribed techniques, the patternings of our mind that cause us to react instead of acting are sublimated, and therefore, we act instead of reacting.

You can be in the same situation where previously you would have become very angry or exploded – and now, you can just observe – the same events or inner thoughts do not trigger an adverse reaction – it’s as if you are just observing.

Our biggest problem is that our emotions rule our head and therefore dictate behaviour and that’s a guarantee that we are going to make wrong decisions or false judgements.

So, centre yourself within through meditation and spiritual practices, and you’ll have a direct connection to that level of calm – in fact, it becomes a dominant characteristic as you function not only from the surface (conscious mind level) but are connected to the depths of yourself at all times from where you draw this calmness (superconscious heart level).

It’s easy – let me show you how…