Practising meditation and spiritual practices are natural cleansers that draw out our negativities and repolarise them to positivity. There cannot be a vacuum, so when negativity is removed, it has to be replaced with positivity.

When there is a relationship breakdown either personally or at work, there can be an unrelenting amount of negativity. We’ve all had those days when we transition to a negative state of mind that some event or catalyst has triggered!

The critical word here is “catalyst”, as in reality, we have attracted the situation to us. We may feel innocent in all that’s occurring, however, the forces of the law of cause and effect or karma dictate to the contrary, otherwise, this situation would not have arisen!

Don’t be alarmed as this has happened for a reason by the forces of divinity guiding, directing and correcting! Our path ahead is blocked by complexity or complication and needs clearing, so the catalyst has arrived to ensure change.

That negativity we feel is good for us as it has cleansing power and especially the negativity of others toward us helps draw out our negativity so we can repolarise it. Everything in life has a purpose even though we do not always realise that fact.


Once we accept that those divine forces are guiding us, our attitude changes and the feeling of being punished is overcome by introspection. We find acceptance and strength that regardless of blame, we are responsible for our actions and the situation in which we are now placed.

With a little effort, we can make the situation right again. My Guru always said “if you take one step to help yourself, Divinity takes nine towards you! So beautiful and true! So, 10% effort brings 90% support! What an opportunity – and did I hear that right? Yes, you did!

So, accept the culpability and then guidance and the resolution will appear for you provided you have done your 10% of effort (more if you can) to make things right. Then our progression forward will be more positive, and that’s a much subtler force that will repolarise the grossness of negativity. Hence why I said it cleanses us!