Our first reaction in life when faced with problems whether health, stress or just unhappiness, is to seek a remedy from an external source. Whereas the solution lies in changing our direction from constantly seeking outwards to consciously seeking inwards. Spiritual Unfoldment is an unveiling of the patternings of the mind. By diving deep within ourselves, the force emitted through this process infuses itself in the patterned areas of our mind, dissolving away all the burdens and unnecessary conditionings and attachments that cause us to lose sight of or to experience our true Divine Nature – our Real Self. Through meditation, that inward journey begins.

Individually Prescribed Practices

The Foundation for International Spiritual Unfoldment functions in a unique way whereby Meditation and Spiritual practices are individually prescribed for each meditator, based on that individual’s unique vibration. With personally prescribed meditation techniques, we can reach deeper levels of ourselves and draw on the more supporting life-giving energies that reside there. The theory that everything is within us is supported here in that the practices given reflect us in all aspects, therefore they totally harmonise and put us in direct contact with our essence – the core of our being.

Meditation Benefits your Health

The benefits of meditation are endless. You gain physically from the deep relaxation experienced by the body. Your ability to think clearly will improve as the techniques calm the mind, naturally alleviating stress and helping you to become more positive, precise and alert – a more concentrated person without having to concentrate. The calming of the whole nervous system will benefit the bodily functions that normally absorb the stresses of life.

Meditation increases Perception and Awareness beyond Mindfulness

In that quietude you draw from the infinite source of supply, energies to heal you mentally, physically and emotionally as you spiritually unfold. In the process of unfolding, you gather greater inner strength whilst perception and awareness increase, which in turn will help you to face life’s adversities as you become more aware of the opportunities inherent in them. Coupled with conscious effort and self-help, you begin to accept yourself, to discriminate and be responsible for your own life. Overall, your life will be transformed and uplifted as you begin to draw on and shine that inner light which will also reflect on all those around you. Your relationship with other people will definitely improve as you become more open and loving.

Our techniques and practices embrace Mindfulness but are designed to take us beyond the mind – beyond the conscious and subconscious levels of the mind to be centred in the Super-conscious level of ourselves.