It’s a massively severe problem in our modern society. Taking drugs can degrade our mental health, and that concerns me greatly.

The new wave of mental health problems circulating the planet is due to the use of mind-changing drugs and stress. Stress is the precursor that leads people to find an escape from their pressures or unhappiness.


People who smoke weed or take drugs are escapists trying to mask their unhappiness and problems! An induced chemical high is a false high when as an alternative, meditation gives us a natural and continuous elated state without addiction or adverse side effects. These drugs are potent and have a mind-changing effect that can easily lead to poor mental health!
It’s becoming evident and better publicised that smoking weed increases our risk of mental health, and if someone is already suffering from depression, it can make it far worse.

If you look for drugs to give you a high or take you away momentarily from your problems, then practising meditation will provide you with strength and greater self-awareness to resolve your life challenges using your own resources. It’s also then easier to say no!