This day in the universe is precious – a gift! One reason we do not always appreciate this or feel happy is that we project our fears and insecurities from the past into the future and lose the nowness of today. Yesterday has gone and tomorrow has not yet arrived.

It is only when we live in the nowness of today, in this very moment, that we will feel totally happy and at peace with ourselves and the world.

In reality, if you think about your life in this exact moment, you do not have any problems, which proves they are just a mental projection and are therefore transitory and can be overcome.

Each day that we live is a special day full of purpose, lessons and opportunities. It’s indeed part of our path and is complete by itself, and of course, necessary for our evolution. Life is a gift!

We have to be thankful that the difficult days and those challenges are there to help us and not hinder us but to educate and evolve us. Furthermore, they are witness of Divinity’s love for us and evidence that Divine power is always sustaining and guiding us to greater fulfilment and realisation.

Meditation helps us experience that power and live in the moment, be centred in “now”, and consequently, we enjoy the fullness and beauty of life and feel connected to the Universe or Divinity in a more profound way.

It’s easy – let me show you how….