We share our genetic sequence at high levels with some animals such as monkeys, cows and even cats. However, one huge difference is their inability to think in a goal orientated manner that has been essential for human survival. In their Kingdom, the Animal Kingdom, they are flowing with nature meandering along at a given evolutionary pace but cannot advance themselves in the same manner as we can in the Human Kingdom because we benefit from a very special attribute called free will.

As we have evolved from the Animal Kingdom, and I will explain how a little later on, we have gained the ability to think with goal orientation, store and retrieve memories and have an advanced physical element for this, the brain with an advanced prefrontal cortex. Therefore, we have been gifted with self-awareness and self-determination or free will! We can now guide the speed of our evolution – it’s trajectory and outcome.

We know we have evolved from apes to homo sapiens. During this long process, we evolved into human animals. The ape evolved creating the human kingdom which means that we do not have to go through the same process to be an ape to evolve as the bridge between the kingdoms has been created in this process of evolution. Hence, your pet can evolve directly to the Human Kingdom.


Returning to the subjects of our pets, because of their closeness with us, almost like being one of our children, this interactivity is planting human thoughts and experiences into their limited minds. I call them human seeds. These seeds expedite the evolutionary journey of the animal which acts as a catalyst to advance them towards or into the human kingdom.

So your interactions with your pet prepare them for this fantastic journey, this transition. How beautifully inspiring it is that our love and care can propel them to a new evolutionary status.